Blood donations saved my life twice in one week

I am eternally grateful to the donors who supplied me with 5 units of blood during two crucial times in one week. I was admitted to emergency with a hemoglobin of 50 and seemed medically unstable. That night after 9 hours for three blood transfusions, my hemoglobin improved to 88 as I improved instantly upon receiving this blood donation - my heart rate and breathing stabilized gradually as I became medically stabilized to receive emergency surgery.

During the surgery, I experienced a startling amount of blood loss which was unexpected, and resulted in an additional need for two more blood infusions. This donation saved my life for the second time during this week as the doctor commented that I must walk with the angels.

I never dreamed that I would be the recipient of such a precious life saving gift. As a mother of three children and wife, I know that without these blood donations being available my story would have a different result. My family and I will be paying this gift forward when we can to save someone else’s loved one. Thank you to all that have donated as I wish I could personally thank each one of you.


Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Icon of blood bag