Best donation ever!

I have been donating blood for many years and it has always, always, always been a great experience. The Canadian Blood Services people are the best in so many ways. My latest donation was on December 22, 2022. A few days before Christmas, snow paralyzing Greater Vancouver but offering us a chance of a rare white Christmas. It was just a very nice time for me and for my family. More, our son, daughter-in-law and grandkids had successfully navigated the Coquihalla Highway to join us and the rest of the family for Christmas. I don't recall doing so but I must have mentioned to my son that I was giving blood that afternoon. As I was settling into the donation bed/chair/contraption, imagine my surprise as my son walked in. I thought he was coming in to visit with me as I donated but no, he was coming in to donate with me. The snow storm had caused a few cancellations so he was able to book an appointment close to the same time as mine. My son showing up to be with me meant the world to me. My son showing up to donate blood might, literally, mean the world to someone else. This was a good day. Thanks Laird.


Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Blood donor sitting outdoors