25 years later and I can donate again

37 years ago I needed a transfusion of plasma after having a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and being very sick. I was also a nurse back then in the UK and always thought at that time hey they don't need my blood there's always plenty to go around but it wasn't till I needed a transfusion that my thinking changed for 12 years I was a donor and always happy to donate .then we moved to Canada as family children and husband only to find out we could not donate because of mad cows disease in the UK so till today 25 years later long time in coming I was able to donate once again and was so happy to do so on Good Friday
if I had not of had my transfusion that I needed so badly things could have been different so I was so grateful to the person who gave me life again thank you
So if you can help please do


Greenvale, Prince Edward Island

Blood donor in chair holding sign that says my first donation