Canadian Blood Services and OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network mourn passing of Dr. Abhijit Guha

November 09, 2011 (TORONTO) – The driving force behind increased South Asian participation in blood and stem cell donation, Dr. Abhijit Guha, lost his battle with leukemia on Tuesday, November 8 in Toronto. Dr. Guha was a respected community leader who fought courageously through his personal fight with leukemia to encourage all Canadian South Asians to make stem cell and blood donation a part of their civic responsibilities for all patients.

Sue Smith, Executive Director, Stem Cells, remembers Dr. Guha as a trailblazer who brought together his community to establish South Asians 4 Life (SA4L) with a mission to help all South Asian patients in need of stem cell transplantation and blood products.

"Dr. Guha worked tirelessly to raise awareness for the need for increased diversification in both the blood and stem cell programs at Canadian Blood Services," says Sue. “It is through his dedication that OneMatch and SA4L became official partners and will continue to carry his legacy to help all patients in need.”

"On behalf of Canadian Blood Services we extend our condolences to his family," says Sue. "We are encouraging people to sign up to be a stem cell donor at and to donate blood in Dr. Guha’s honour, as many patients will be recipients of blood products while waiting for their stem cell transplants."

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