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Platelet Immunology Services

Diagnostic Services: Winnipeg Centre

Canadian Blood Services provides human leukocyte (HLA) and platelet specific (HPA) antigen typing and antibody investigation testing to assist health care providers in the management of thrombocytopenic patients who have become refractory to vital platelet transfusions, patients affected by neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia and autoimmune disorders and patients suspected to be affected by platelet function disorders (PTP).

In addition, the Laboratory also types blood donors prior to being placed onto a national registry. The registry is used to conduct searches to identify suitably compatible donors who can be used for patients that show no benefit from conventional platelet components.


Platelet Immunology
Test Request / Sample Requirements



Sample Requirements

Form / Comments

    *Follow collection procedure described on each requisition
  • Neonatal Platelet Investigation
EDTA 3 X 5 mL
SST 1 X 10 mL

EDTA 5 X 5 mL
  • Requires prior arrangements
  • Post Transfusion Purpura
EDTA 3 X 5 mL
SST 1 X 10 mL
  • Requires prior arrangements.
  • Platelet Allo Immunization
EDTA 5 X 5 mL
SST 1 X 10 mL
  • Requires prior arrangements
  • HLA Disease Association
    • HLA-B27 typing
    • HLA-B*5701
    • HLA-A typing
    • HLA-B typing
    • HLA-DR typing
    • HLA-DQ typing
EDTA 1 X 5 mL Requisition: 
  • HLA-B27 typing and HLA-B*5701 testing must be ordered by approved physicians only