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Information Memos

Diagnostic Services: BC & Yukon Centre

Diagnostic Services, BC & Yukon Centre periodically generates customer information memos to introduce new processes, procedures or technology or to provide updates to existing processes or procedures.

The contents of the customer information memos available on this site are current as of their dates of publication. If required, please contact the Canadian Blood Services staff member identified on the memo to determine if the information is still current.

Information Memos

Introduction of New Platelet Immunology Requisition (PDF) 2014-07-21
Hospitals – Introduction of New Perinatal Requsitions (PDF) 2011-09-14
Physicians – Introduction of New Perinatal Requsitions (PDF) 2011-09-14
Transfusion Support for Sickle Cell Anemia Patients (PDF) 2011-06-02
Hospitals - Traceline (LIS) Implementation (PDF) 2010-11-02
Physicians - Traceline (LIS) Implementation (PDF) 2010-10-20