Hospital Customer Service Advisory Panel

Enhancing health care through customer partnerships

To ensure customer consultation, we've established a panel to provide advice and feedback from the hospitals on Canadian Blood Services projects. The panel consists of four Canadian Blood Services representatives and 14 hospital representatives from across the country. This group meets twice a year, as well as by arbitrary teleconference. Members participate for a term of two years.


  • Seven blood transfusion representatives (one from each Canadian Blood Services region)
  • Seven hospital delegates representing diversity and functional areas (e.g., risk management, blood bank staff, nursing staff, hospital size, range of lab information systems, bedside transfusion, administration, medical education, transfusion safety, etc.)
  • Canadian Blood Services Director, Donor and Clinic Services
  • Canadian Blood Services Medical Director, Scientific & Research Affairs
  • Canadian Blood Services Hospital Liaison Specialist
  • Canadian Blood Services Director, Product and Hospital Services (co-chair)
  • Canadian Blood Services Director, Technical Support, Product and Hospital Services

For further information regarding the Hospital Customer Service Advisory Panel or for meeting minutes and agendas, please contact your Hospital Liaison Specialist.