Research into TRALI therapies generates results that are a TAD interesting!

What is this research about?

TRALI stands for Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury. As its name suggests, TRALI is lung damage that occurs in reaction to a blood transfusion. It is uncommon, but potentially fatal, and symptoms range from mild to life-threatening breathing difficulties. TRALI occurs when antibodies in the donor’s blood react with incompatible proteins in the recipient. This reaction may cause immune cells (called neutrophils) in the recipient’s lung to produce substances that damage the lung. However, why a patient develops TRALI is often not clear, and much remains to be understood about how this reaction happens. If a patient shows symptoms of TRALI, the transfusion is stopped and supportive care (e.g. oxygen to help breathing) is given. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for this potentially fatal reaction.

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