Hospital Services Forms

To use the Electronic fillable forms, ensure your browser is set to open PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Product and Redistribution Supply Order Forms

Product Order Forms for fax, Redistribution Supplies Order Form, Patient Designated Plasma Protein Products Form, HLA/HPA selected platelets Forms

Laboratory Services Requisitions and Forms

Perinatal Testing, Platelet/HLA testing (including TRALI Investigation), Immunohematology Referral, Crossmatch Testing (Manitoba only)

HLA/HPA Selected Platelets Forms

HLA/HPA Selected Platelets Forms request and report forms

Hospital Portal

Online form for product ordering and disposition reporting

Hospital Feedback

Online form to submit feedback regarding overall satisfaction, safety, product quality and availability, timeliness of deliveries, communication, as well as positive feedback and general suggestions for improvement, to help us improve our products and services. 

Adverse Reaction Reporting Forms

Health Canada Forms, TRALI Investigation, Transmissible Disease Notification Form

Product Return Form

Please contact your local Canadian Blood Services distribution department prior to returning any Blood Components or Plasma Protein and Related Products.