New Calgary Donor Centre

Now Open!

207 9th Ave SW (Penn West Plaza, East Tower)

The new Calgary donor centre is located in the heart of downtown at Penn West Plaza, East Tower, on the main floor. Donors can enter the donor centre through the lobby of Penn West Plaza (East Tower) or directly from 9th Ave.  

Designated complimentary parking for donors is available at Calgary Tower - 5 minute walk from the donor centre. There are entrances to the parkade on 9th and 10th Ave. Designated donor parking is on the west side on Level 6, near the elevator. 


Why did you choose that location?

Donors and staff were surveyed  to determine the impact of potential future locations of the Calgary donor centre. The results clearly indicated a preference to maintain a central location either in the downtown area or in the downtown exterior.

How will I get to the new donor centre?

By Car:
Complimentary parking will be available for donors at the Calgary Tower—just a 5-minute walk from the donor centre. There are entrances to the parkade on 9th and 10th Ave. Designated donor parking will be on the west side on Level 6, near the elevator. To get to the donor centre from the parkade, take the elevator to the ground level, exit onto 9th Ave., and walk west, crossing 1st St. SW to Penn West Plaza.

For donors taking the C-train to the downtown core, the closest LRT stations bring you within a 10-minute walk of the donor centre.
Where do I disembark?
• If on a westbound C-train, disembark at 1 Street SW LRT station.
• If on an eastbound C-train, disembark at 3 Street SW LRT station.
• It’s a three to four block walk south to Penn West Plaza

A public, outdoor bike rack is available in front of Penn West Plaza.

For those coming from other downtown destinations, Penn West Plaza is accessible via the +15
network. Walk south from Bankers Hall or east from Gulf Canada Square.

Will Canadian Blood Services validate parking?

We validate parking for donors parked in the designated complimentary parking area at Calgary Tower parkade. 

The process:

Take a ticket as you enter the Calgary Tower parkade for use when leaving the parkade after your appointment.

Upon arrival at the donor centre, you will receive a ticket to cover the time you are in the donor centre.

Should your appointment take more time than expected, please ask the donor services representative for an additional ticket to cover the amount of time you spent at the donor centre.

Complete the following steps when exiting the Calgary Tower parkade

  • Step 1 insert the ticket(s) that you received at the donor centre
  • Step 2 insert the ticket you received on entry to the parkade
    *If you have spent any additional time downtown after your appointment ends,
  • Step 3 insert payment for the additional time spent downtown after completing steps 1 & 2