Steve Richardson

Peer Recruiter


Steve, a blood donor and firefighter in Moncton, understands the need for a continuous blood supply. As a result, 14 years ago, Steve was at the forefront of the inaugural Guns ’n Hoses Challenge: a donation challenge between firefighters and the RCMP, which has since become an annual occurrence in December.

The very first Guns ’n Hoses was set in the week before Christmas, to help make up for the holiday season decline that Canadian Blood Services usually sees. This year, the clinic was held in the summer – also a time when donations tend to decrease. The event has grown over the years to collect more than 100 units of blood each time, making a tremendous difference to hospitals and patients in need of life-saving products.

Influential and community-minded, Steve is a well-known figure in his community: not just as a firefighter and Canadian Blood Services recruiter, but for his involvement in other organizations, including 20 years with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Ever the advocate, he is known to promote blood donation at non-Canadian Blood Services events year-round.

Steve Richardson National Honouring our Lifeblood 2014