Ric Suggitt (posthumous)

Logan Boulet Award

Ric Suggitt and his family moved to Lethbridge to coach the University of Lethbridge women’s rugby team after coaching national teams in Canada and the U.S. Ric reconnected his friendship with Toby Boulet, who was the university’s hockey team manager, and became his son Logan’s trainer shortly after.

Tragically, in late June of 2017, Ric suffered a brain hemorrhage which took his life.

Before he passed, a critical decision was made to donate his organs.

According to Toby, “Ric had made a decision with his family to donate, and when Logan saw that, Ric’s decision became bigger.”

Logan signed his donor card on his 21st birthday. Tragically, Logan was killed in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash five weeks later.

Six people across Canada received organs from Logan and afterwards, nearly 100,000 Canadians signed up to become organ donors — a phenomenon that quickly became known as the Logan Boulet Effect

Ric Suggitt