Pavneet Sandhu


Pavneet Sandhu is a third-year university student at the University of Winnipeg, completing her undergraduate degree in bio-chemistry.

After learning about cancer in high school and having family members diagnosed with the disease, she became more interested in pursuing a medical career. She has plans to become an oncologist, which is what led her to volunteering with Canadian Blood Services.

A friend recommended the opportunity, and Pavneet has no regrets. “I thought I would give it a try, and when I got into it, it was really amazing because the environment is so nice.”

Driven by a desire to help people, Pavneet is proud to be a member of Canada’s Lifeline. When she began volunteering in 2019, operations were much different than they are now as we have adapted to living in a pandemic. She has gone above and beyond, continuing to have a positive attitude and treating donors with gratitude and empathy. “I think this will play an important role in my future years as a doctor.”

Pavneet Sandhu