Michael T. Hayes

Living Organ Donor

South Central Ontario

With his humbleness, compassion, dedication, and above all generosity, Michael has truly captured our attention and admiration.

Michael has a long history of blood donation and volunteer work. It’s in his giving nature to help others whenever he can and he recently added to his list of good deeds by donating a second time!

Michael has been a strong and persistent advocate for organ donation including through his volunteer work as an ordained deacon. He frequently cites donation in his sermons, impressing upon others the fulfillment that accompanies helping to save a life. A kind and credible source of information, Michael speaks from experience. After donating a portion of his liver Michael also donated a kidney, each time to an anonymous recipient.

Michael clearly practices what he preaches and truly has no expectation of reward or recognition from the recipients he has helped.

Michael T. Hayes National Honouring our Lifeblood 2014