Kevin Pelehos

Peer Recruiter

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and North West Territories

For seven years, Kevin has been encouraging first-time and regular donors in his community. A teacher and peer recruitment leader, Kevin consistently advocates making a difference among the student body at Calgary’s William Aberhart High School – through a simple act of kindness such as blood donation.

Kevin has volunteered at blood typing events, spoken at awareness pep rallies, and offered his time to summer volunteer recruitment efforts. He also began his own grassroots high school blood donation challenge, pitting local schools against one another, to build awareness of the need for the younger generation to step up and donate. Later, he continued to lead his school through the national Young Blood for Life program – resulting in William Aberhart taking first place this year!

A leading sports medicine instructor for the Calgary Board of Education, Kevin also integrated an educational component about Canadian Blood Services, the biology of blood, and the needs for and uses of blood products into his teaching curriculum for grades 10 through 12. Just recently retired, Kevin has ensured that blood education will continue to be part of the curriculum.

Kevin Pelehos National Honouring our Lifeblood 2014