Genoa Design International


Genoa Design International highly values community involvement. The shipbuilding design firm, located in Mt. Pearl, Nfld., has been an engaged Partner for Life since 2019, after employee Corey Woodford pitched the idea.

“The company founders strongly believe in giving back,” says Corey, who coordinates several annual donation events. “They allow you to take company time to go donate and they pay you for it.”

That first year, 79 employees participated in 10 Life Bus events. Many have become regular blood donors, even during the pandemic.

Corey’s father received 135 units of blood and a stem cell transplant during treatment for leukemia. Those donors gave his father, who has since passed away, eight additional years with his family. Corey, who is also a stem cell registrant, shares his story with colleagues to encourage more people to become blood donors.

“Being part of Canada’s Lifeline means having the opportunity to help someone in need of lifesaving blood products. It’s so easy to do,” says Corey

Genoa Design International