Francisco Rico-Garcia

Stem Cell Donor

Francisco Rico-Garcia first joined Canada’s Lifeline as a teenager. He donated blood as part of a blood donor club at his high school and has continued to do so into adulthood.  

Also while in high school, Francisco made the fateful decision to join Canadian Blood Services’ Stem Cell Registry. Just a few years later he was called to donate stem cells for a patient. He travelled from Edmonton to Calgary in order to do so, taking time out of a busy school schedule, but describes the process as quick and painless.

Francisco says as immigrants, his family received tremendous support from others in the community, and that has inspired them to seize opportunities to give back. For him, donating blood and stem cells has been a meaningful way to do that.

“Being a part of Canada’s Lifeline means that you help everyone around you, and you have something to strive for,” he says. “If I had to describe Canadian Blood Services in one word, it would be kindness.”