Deborah Skaey

Peer Recruiter

Surrey, British Columbia

“Even if you can’t donate blood, you can still contribute by helping others to donate,” says Deborah Skaey.

Deborah coordinates an annual donor event at her workplace, BC RCMP headquarters. During the last seven years, the event has collected a total of more than 700 units of whole blood.

“I’m not eligible to donate because I don’t weigh enough,” she says. “But I know how important blood donation is, and it feels great to enable my colleagues to donate at work.”

Hosting the clinic in the headquarters of one of Canada’s most secure buildings is a major challenge. All visitors, including Canadian Blood Services staff, must be signed in and escorted. Deborah, a senior communications strategist and 14-year RCMP veteran, ensures everything runs smoothly.

“It’s all about advance planning,” she says. “I recruit about 20 volunteers and schedule them in two-hour shifts.”

On clinic days, Deborah arrives early — around 5:00 a.m. — to welcome the Canadian Blood Services mobile unit and to deal with any last-minute glitches.

“Many police officers enter the profession because they want to help people and giving blood is one of the most direct ways to that that,” she says. “Hosting a donor clinic makes us feel more like we’re part of the community.

Headshot of Deborah Skaey with medium blonde wavy hair with a white shirt