Alan Han

The Schilly Award

Alan Han first joined Canada’s Lifeline at age 15, as a volunteer serving snacks to donors in Edmonton, Alta. The following year, he not only landed a summer position as a donor recruiter, but became one of the most successful such recruiters in the country. 

Since then, Alan’s volunteer efforts have included a stint as president of Edmonton’s NextGen Lifeline group, where he led groups of students in promoting awareness of the need for blood and stem cells. Over the years he has helped organize hundreds of recruitment events. He’s focused on students as well as donors of all ages from diverse ethnic backgrounds, who are critical to helping us meet the needs of all patients.

Now in his early twenties, Alan continues to make all the difference for patients who need lifesaving donations, even as he pursues a degree in nursing at the University of Alberta.

Alan Han with a blue shirt and a white undershirt.