Alan and Alec Roy

Blood Donor

When Alec Roy completed his first blood donation in 2020, he extended a family tradition into a third generation. His grandfather Gerry donated during the Second World War, while his father Alan has completed more than 450 donations of whole blood and platelets. More than four decades ago, older sister Nancy — 134 donations and counting — accompanied Alan to his first donation; two other brothers also donate.

“It's a wonderful thing to do, you can't replace it,” says Alan Roy. “It's incredibly valuable to those who need it.”

Alan and Alec also support Canada’s Lifeline by encouraging friends and family members to donate and by sharing their donation experiences on social media. In addition, Alan volunteers at blood donor centres. 

“The fact that I’ve helped someone means a lot to me,” says Alec, who continues to donate every 56 days. “Especially now, with all of the negativity surrounding the pandemic and quarantine, it’s nice to know that you can still help someone.”

Alan and Alec Roy