Christine and Ryder Robinson

Recipient Speaker

When he was only eight months old, Ryder Robinson was diagnosed with a disease rare in infants, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). With approximately only 30 new cases diagnosed in North America per year, he embarked on ten months of intense treatment, including blood and platelet transfusions. At the age of two, Ryder relapsed while still on oral chemotherapy and had to undergo additional rounds of treatment. His treatment eliminated the cancer cells, but also many of his healthy blood cells. This again made Ryder dependent on many blood and platelet transfusions and ultimately a bone marrow transplant which saved his life.

Now again in remission, Ryder is cheerful, full of life, and doing things a typical six-year-old might do. It took many donors to assist in Ryder’s recovery — something his parents Chris and Christine are grateful for every day. As an advocate for the blood system, Christine shares Ryder’s story by presenting to students and speaking to media. In addition, she has recruited numerous donors though In Honour donation events. Chris and Christine believe that if Ryder’s story can inspire even one person to donate blood or register to become a stem cell donor, that’s a win.