Canadian high school students have the power to give life through Young Blood for Life challenge

National challenge supports ongoing need for new donors

(CANADA) - This fall, high school students across Canada are getting back to school and learning new things, including how to save lives. Many students have the power to give life and help Canadian Blood Services meet the needs of patients across the country.

Canadian Blood Services is proud to partner with FedEx Express to officially launch this year’s nationwide, student-led challenge called Young Blood for Life – a fun way to increase the number of blood donations, first-time donors, and stem cell registrants among students aged 17 and older.

The campaign runs from Sept. 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016. The goal of this year’s challenge is to recruit 5,000 new donors, collect 18,500 units of blood, and register 500 students in Canadian Blood Services' OneMatch Stem Cell Registry.

“New donors are key to meeting the future need for blood in this country, especially in light of Canada’s aging population,” says Mark Donnison, Canadian Blood Services, vice president of donor relations. “This challenge gives young people a chance to experience something incredible – to realize they have the power to give life. Thanks to the participation of FedEx Express, Young Blood for Life helps replenish our blood supply and builds our donor base for the future.”

FedEx Express Canada began sponsoring the YBFL initiative in 2011-12, funding promotional materials as well as national and regional awards for blood donation and new donor recruitment.

All students are also encouraged to help save lives by joining OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network and registering to become potential stem cell donors. Hundreds of Canadians require a donor for a stem cell transplant every year, and more than 70% of them will rely on someone they don’t know to help save their lives.

People can book an appointment to give life by downloading the GiveBlood app or by visiting

Quick Facts:

  • 417 Canadian schools participated in Canadian Blood Services’ 2014 -15 Young Blood for Life challenge.
  • Participating schools donated almost 19,000 units of blood and recruited over 5000 new donors.
  • Calgary’s William Aberhart High School captured the honour for most donations nationally with a total of 499 donations.
  • Banting Memorial of Alliston, Ontario was the national new donor winner with 117.
  • Over the past six years, Canadian Blood Services has collected almost 99,000 donations and recruited over 35,000 new donors from the Young Blood for Life challenge.