Canadian Blood Services supports World Blood Donor Day

(Ottawa) – Today, during World Blood Donor Day, Canadian Blood Services would like to honour its 420,000 Canadian blood donors who save lives, as well as the millions of international donors who help contribute to the 108 million blood donations collected globally each year.

“We are extremely lucky to have a safe and reliable blood supply that ensures Canadian patients receive blood products whenever and wherever they need them. Unfortunately in other parts of the world this is not the case,” said Mark Donnison, Vice-President of Donor Relations. “On World Blood Donor Day, we would like to remind Canadians of how precious each blood donation is, and to encourage new donors to book their first appointment.”

World Blood Donor Day is supported by the World Health Organization and is marked by countries across the globe. It aims to thank blood donors for their lifesaving donation, promote voluntary and unpaid blood donations, and create awareness of the need for regular donation because of the short shelf-life of blood products.

While plasma products can be stored for up to a year when frozen, red blood cells only last 42 days and platelets have a shelf-life of only five days.

“Summer is a difficult period when many donors are away and not able to give, which is why we need to boost our inventory now,” adds Mr. Donnison. “We would also like to remind Canadians that they can donate across Canada.”

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