Canadian Blood Services launches the #NovaScotiaStrong campaign, Aug.14-31

AUGUST 13, 2020 (Halifax)  – In response to the #NovaScotiaStrong movement and to show support to all those affected by the April mass shootings in Nova Scotia, Canadian Blood Services is announcing the launch of the #NovaScotiaStrong campaign, a two-week national blood donor recruitment event to honour the victims of the tragic shootings.

“Following the horrific events this past April in Nova Scotia, the province and the country rallied to share their love and support for the families of the victims taken,” says Peter MacDonald, director of donor relations, Atlantic. “We are proud to expand this support and love for the victims and their families in the form of blood donation from all Canadians.”

From August 14-31, Canadians are encouraged to donate blood at their nearest donor centre or mobile event in memory of all the lives lost in this tragic event. One of the victims was Tom Bagley, who was a dedicated blood donor himself, reaching 100 donations. His family plans to donate blood in his honour during the campaign.

“If you knew my dad, he probably helped you at some point in your life,” says Tom’s daughter, Charlene Bagley. “I grew up seeing this all the time when he would drop anything to help out someone in need. I recently discovered that he received a certificate for donating blood 100 times. He was O-negative and donating blood was something he believed was important.”

Donors can show their support by sharing photos, videos and their reasons for donating on social media using the hashtag #NovaScotiaStrong.

Blood donors are a vital link in Canada’s Lifeline. If you’re in general good health, please book and honour your appointment to help patients. Check for the nearest donor centre or mobile event near you.

Download the GiveBlood app and join Canada’s Lifeline. Please call 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) or book now at


About Canadian Blood Services

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