Canadian Blood Services launches refreshed strategic approach

Informed by important learnings from the pandemic and by the rapidly changing context around us, Canadian Blood Services is proud to publish our refreshed approach to our organizational priorities.

Throughout the pandemic, transformations in how people across Canada work and live have impacted the way we achieve our goals. Global migration patterns, rapidly advancing technology, shifts in political, environmental, and social contexts also have an impact on our work and were considered in our refreshed strategy. 

Despite the many nuances to be accounted for in today’s context, the way we work toward achieving our mission does not require a complete overhaul of our strategy but rather a sharpening of focus. And this is what our new plan reflects.

Our 2019–2024 strategic plan, Keeping the Promise, and its addendum (published in 2021) have served the organization well; supporting work through some of the most tumultuous and unpredictable times. The updated plan describes how we will continue to deliver value to patients, donors and health systems.

“It’s important to acknowledge that Canadian Blood Services has been doing great work ― with patients at the centre of it all ― for over 25 years,” says CEO, Dr. Graham Sher. “This work, and the countless positive patient outcomes resulting from it, would not be possible without the dedication of our employees, volunteers and donors. The process of developing a new strategic plan was a gratifying one; it provided the opportunity to reflect on just how much we have achieved together and how much more is still possible. I look forward to the future and the years of collaboration ahead with this plan as our guide.”

Within the refreshed plan, four new strategic priorities have been established to ensure that we're making the right choices, engaging more communities in meaningful ways and leveraging our capabilities to meet the needs of patients, donors and the health system. The plan also reflects the need to increase overall organizational resilience to better prepare for the future.

Our four strategic priorities

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Match products and services to patient and health system needs

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Grow and diversify a flexible, sustainable donor and registrant base

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Invest in our people and culture

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Enhance our digital and physical infrastructure

For all donors, patients, stakeholders, volunteers and members of the public interested in reading our refreshed strategic plan, it can be found here.