Annual report highlights new connections with donors and value to Canadian health care

On Oct. 2, Canadian Blood Services presented its 2014–2015 annual report, How We Connect, to the provincial and territorial ministers of health. The report summarizes and reflects on the past year’s activities and outlines some of our greatest successes and challenges.

Among the highlights is our focus on donor recruitment efforts, which were enhanced through new digital technologies and mobile communications. We also maintained high satisfaction ratings among major hospitals (98% satisfaction) and collected more than 850,000 units of whole blood, achieving 98 per cent of our target. In the area of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, we continued to see the positive impact from our collaborations with organ procurement organizations, transplant centres, health ministries and other partners across the country.

We concluded the year with the successful wrap-up of the Campaign For All Canadians, the first fundraising campaign in our history, to help build Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank.

The annual report is part of our commitment to operating the blood and transplant system in an open and transparent way. It’s one way we demonstrate our accountability to Canadians and show the value we offer. We are proud of our efforts and invite you to review the report* in its entirety.

*For optimal viewing of the annual report we recommend using Google Chrome.