Bobby Kwon

Board Member

Toronto, Ontario 

  • Corporate Director 
  • President & CEO, Canadian Commercial Corporation  
  • Former Chief Financial Officer Medipharm Labs Corp. 
  • Former Senior Vice President, Office of Executive Chairman, George Weston Ltd.  
  • Former Vice President, Finance, North America Customer Development, Unilever PLC and NV (USA) 
  • Former Chief Financial Officer, Unilever PLC and NV (UK) 
  • Former Vice President & Chief of Staff, Office of CEO & Global Foods Director, Unilever PLC and NV (UK & Netherlands) 
  • Board Member, Canadian Commercial Corporation  
  • Former Board (Council) Member, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario 
  • Former Board member, GS1 – Retail Sector 
Canadian Blood Services Board of Directors - Bobby Kwon