Donald Branch

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Publications choisies

  1. Purohit MK, Chakka SK, Scovell I, Neschadim A, Bello AM, Salum N, Katsman Y, Bareau MC, Branch DR, Kotra LP: Structure-activity relationships of pyrazole derivatives as potential therapeutics for immune thrombcytopenias. Bioorg Med Chem 2014; 22:2739-2752.
  2. Figueiredo CA, Drohomyrecky P, Ma X-Z, Leontyev, D, BranchDR, Dunn SE: Optimal attenuation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by intravenous immunoglobulin requires interleukin-11 signaling. PLoS One 2014; 9:e101947.
  3. Campbell IK, Miescher S, Branch DR, Mott PJ, Lazarus AH, Han D, Maraskovsky E, Zuercher AW, Neschadim A, Leontyev D, McKenzie BS, Kaesermann F: Theapreutic effect of IVIG on inflammatory arthritis in mice is dependent on the Fc portion and independent of silaylation or basophils. J Immunol 2014; 192:5031-5038.
  4. von Gunten S, Shoenfeld Y, Blank M, Branch DR, Vassilev T, Kaesermann F, Babyry J, Kaveri S, Simon HU: IVIG pluripotency and the concept of Fc-sialylation: challenges to the scientist. Nat Rev Immunol 2014; 14:349.
  5. Neschadim A, Branch DR: Mouse models of autoimmune diseases: immune thrombocytopenia. Curr Pharm Des 2015; 21:2487-2497.

Publications choisies

  1. Veljkovic V, Glisic S, Muller CP, Scotch M,Branch DR, Perovic VR, Sencanski M, Veljkovic N, Colombatti A: In silico analysis suggests interaction between Ebola virus and the extracellular matrix.  Front Microbiol 2015; 6:13.
  2. Veljkovic V, Loiseau PM, Figadere B, Glisic S, Veljkovic N, Perovic VR, Cavanaugh DP, Branch DR: Virtual screening for repurposing approved and experimental drugs for candidate inhibitors of EBOLA virus infection.  F1000Res 2015; 4:34.
  3. McCarthy SDS, Jung D, Sakac D, Branch DR: c-Src and Pyk2 Protein Tyrosine Kinases Play Protective Roles in Early HIV-1 Infection of CD4+ T-Cell LinesJAIDS J Acq Imm Def 2014; 66:118-126.
  4. Kim M, Binnington B, Sakac D, Lingwood CA, Branch DR: CD4+ T-cells are unable to express the HIV natural resistance factor globotriosylceramideAIDS 2013; 27:1029-1032

Publications choisies

  1. Evren S, Wan S, Ma XZ, Fahim S, Mody N, Sakac D, Jin T, Branch DR: Characterization of SHP-1 protein tyrosine phosphatase transcripts, protein isoforms and phosphatase activity in epithelial cancer cells Genomics 2013; 102:491-499.
  2. Evren S, Ma XZ, Sakac D, Branch DR: SHP-1 protein tyrosine phosphatase associates with the adaptor protein CrkL. Exp Hematol 2012; 40:1055-1059
  3. Wang Q, Rajshankar D, Branch DR, Abreu MTH, Downey GP, McCulloch CA: Protein tyrosine phosphatase-a and Src functionally link focal adhesions to the endoplasmic reticulum to mediate IL-1 signaling. J. Biol. Chem. 2009; 284:20763-20772.
  4. Cayer M-P, Proulx M, Ma X-Z, Sakac D, Giguere J-F, Drouin M, Neron S, Branch DR, Jung D: c-Src tyrosine kinase co-associates with and phosphorylates STAT5b which mediates the proliferation of normal human B lymphocytes. Clin Exp Immunol 2009; 156:419-427.

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2014Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship. For his many years of research in red cell serology and for his dedication to the education of others in the field of immunohematology. Recognized by his peers for his expertise in infectious disease and autoimmune disease research, he continues to promote the advancement of his field through the study of potentially novel therapies all while promoting the growth of other laboratory professionals. Awarded by the American Association of Blood Banks.
2013 - CurrentMember, Curriculum Committee, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto 
2012 - CurrentMember, Editorial Board, Transfusion
2011 - CurrentMember, Selection of Abstracts Program Unit, AABB
2010 - CurrentMember, Canadian Hemovigilance/Pharmacovigilance Committee
2007Helen I. Battle Lectureship, awarded by the Department of Biology, University of Western Ontario.  Lecture title:  “The Changing Paradigm of HIV Pathogenesis"
2007 - CurrentMember, Basic Research Advisory Committee – Immunity, Toronto General Research Institute
2007 - CurrentFaculty Advisory Board, University of Toronto Medical Journal
2006 - CurrentInternal Reviewer, Animal Care Committee, University Health Network
2005 - CurrentDirector, Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS) Programs, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
2003Morten Grove-Rasmussen Memorial Award, “recognizes advances in the field of immunohematology”, awarded by the American Association of Blood Banks
2003Ortho Award in Transfusion Medicine for "outstanding contributions to transfusion medicine”, awarded by the Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine
2001Special Member Acknowledgement, for “having made a  significant contribution to the field of hematology and the care of patients with hematologic disorders”, given by the American Society of Hematology