Partners for Life

Many organizations, institutions and communities across Canada have joined the movement to give life through our #PartnersForLife program. Build your team and experience the opportunity to book group donations, host donation events, raise awareness, or start a pledge.

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Raise awareness

Inspire future donors by hosting a donor recruitment event or by sharing information about donating blood, stem cells, cord blood and/or organs and tissues. Share your story on your website, social media platforms or corporate newsletters.

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Organize a group blood donation 

Donate as a team at one of our donor centre or mobile donation event in your community. In most regions, arrangements can be made for our Lifebus to transport your group to and from our donor centre the day of your group donation event. 

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Host a blood donation event

Engage your network in a meaningful, hands-on collaborative project to successfully fill all the appointment slots at your donation event. Personalize the donation experience by decorating the donor centre, enlist volunteer greeters and provide additional refreshments.

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Set an annual blood donation pledge


Has your organization ever teamed up and committed to an annual donation pledge to donate blood, plasma, platelets or stem cells year-round? If your organization comprises of at least 1000 employees or members, they are a great candidate to support annual pledges. 

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Donate blood

Every blood donation makes a difference. Sometimes, it takes multiple donors to save a life. For a patient undergoing cardiovascular surgery, it can take up to five donors to provide a favourable outcome. 

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Engage as a team

Saving lives together is the ultimate team building opportunity. It offers employees a sense of pride and meaning that their company is committed to making a difference.

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Build reputation

Partnering with us to donate blood and save lives is a fantastic way to practice corporate values, boast your corporate profile and meet social responsibility goals.

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Celebrate your success

Let your employees, customers, partners and stakeholders know about your commitment to building a stronger and healthier community.

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Develop employee skills

Your staff will have plenty of opportunities to come together, develop new skills and champion their blood donation efforts.  Engaging your staff on such a meaningful collaborative cause allows them to develop a stronger sense of pride in their organization.

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Grow your business

According to a study by Ipsos Reid, 71 per cent of Canadians strongly agree that companies who host blood donation events are kind and caring, and 78 per cent would be more likely to purchase products or services from companies that visibly support blood donation in Canada.