Lazarus, Alan

Selected Publications

  1. Lazarus AH: ResearchUnit: Single site solution: Engineering novel antibodies for the treatment of ITP (PDF) 2015; website.
  2. Yu X, Menard M, Prechl J, Bhakta V, Sheffield WP, Lazarus AH. Monovalent Fc receptor blockade by an anti-Fcγ receptor-albumin fusion protein ameliorates murine ITP with abrogated toxicity. Blood; doi: blood-2015-08-664656. [Epub ahead of print]
  3. Campbell IK, Miescher S, Branch DR, Mott PJ, Lazarus AH, Han D, Maraskovsky E, Zuercher AW, Neschadim A, Leontyev D, McKenzie BS, Käsermann F: Therapeutic Effect of IVIG on Inflammatory Arthritis in Mice Is Dependent on the Fc Portion and Independent of Sialylation or Basophils. The J Immunol 2014; 192:5031-5038.
  4. Chen X, Ghaffar H, Jen CC, Lazarus AH: Antibody specific for the glycophorin A complex mediates intravenous immune globulin–resistant anemia in a murine model. Transfusion 2014; 54:655-664.
  5. Lazarus AH: ResearchUnit: Research into TRALI therapies generates results that are a TAD interesting! 2014; website.
  6. Crow AR, Yu H, Han D, Lazarus AH: Amelioration of Murine Passive Immune Thrombocytopenia by IVIg and a Therapeutic Monoclonal CD44 Antibody Does Not Require the Myd88 Signaling Pathway. PLoS One 2013; 8:e71882.
  7. Lazarus AH: Monoclonal versus polyclonal anti-D in the treatment of ITP. Expert Opin Biol Th 2013; 13:1353-1356.
  8. Semple JW, Kim M, Hou J, McVey M, Lee YJ, Tabuchi A, Kuebler WM, Chai Z-W, Lazarus AH: Intravenous immunoglobulin prevents murine antibody-mediated acute lung injury at the level of neutrophil reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. PLoS One 2012; 7:e31357.
  9. Crow AR, Suppa SJ, Chen X, Mott PJ, Lazarus AH. The neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) is not required for IVIg or anti-CD44 monoclonal antibody–mediated amelioration of murine immune thrombocytopenia. Blood 2011; 118:6403-6406.

Leadership Roles


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2015Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Award & Lectureship awarded by AABB
2013 - CurrentMember, Peer Review Grant Committee, St. Michael’s Hospital
2011 - CurrentChair, Animal Care Committee, St. Michael's Hospital
2011 - 2014Chair, Animal Care Committee, Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics