Fennie Easton van der Graaf

Our guest blogger today is an undergraduate researcher at the Jefferies Lab, Michael Smith Laboratories, UBC, investigating dendritic cell cross-presentation of Influenza antigens via mass spectrometry peptide analysis. Fennie is of Dutch-Canadian origins but has spent much of their time living in the USA, Hong Kong, and Mexico City. At the University of British Columbia, Fennie is in third-year Integrated Sciences, majoring in Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Virology.

Meet the researcher: Dr. Mark Scott

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
For the latest edition of “Meet the researcher”, Fennie Easton van der Graaf, an undergraduate researcher at the University of British Columbia, chatted with Dr. Mark Scott, Canadian Blood Services’ senior scientist and a pioneer in immunocamouflage of cells to prevent their detection by the immune system.