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All for One: Campaign For All Canadians Raises Funds for Canada’s Cord Blood Bank

The Cord Blood Bank team at the For All Canadians golf tournament fundraiser
The Cord Blood Bank team at the
For All Canadians golf tournament fundraiser

It seems all Canadians are coming on board to help Canadian Blood Services. Canadian Blood Services’ first ever fundraising campaign, the Campaign For All Canadians, will raise $12.5 million to support the building of Canada’s national OneMatch Public Cord Blood Bank, as part of the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network. You may remember March 2011, when all provincial and territorial Ministries of Health (outside Quebec) announced an investment to establish a national cord blood bank, with Canadian Blood Services undertaking the project. This financial support matches the funds raised in the national community Campaign For All Canadians, to cover the $48 million cost of the project. Through support to the Campaign, all of us can make a difference.

Because of young Canadians like Katie Potter, the passion for the Campaign and the Cord Blood Bank resonates from coast to coast. The ten-year-old decided to help the Cord Blood Bank for her school’s annual community campaign aimed at supporting various charitable organizations, after learning about the bank from her mother. “My first thought was I would go back in time and donate my umbilical cord blood from when I was born,” shares Katie excitedly. Realizing the difficulties of time travel, she decided to fundraise instead.

Katie Porter with her fundraising jar

Just like Katie, Canadian Blood Services is engaging different ways to support the Campaign For All Canadians. We are at the very start of this journey, and have recruited a Campaign Cabinet consisting of business and community leaders from coast to coast. The Cabinet, representing Canada’s geographic, ethnic and professional diversity, is comprised of co-chairs from Eastern and Western Canada, alongside members from across the country with various expertise from business and healthcare to philanthropy. This group is the backbone of the Campaign and will work to identify top prospects, and engage their communities to raise the necessary funds, while spreading awareness about the need for the cord blood bank.

In addition to the Cabinet, our Campaign is very fortunate to have support from three honourary co-chairs who will lend their community connections, profile and expertise in further promoting the need for a national public cord blood bank. These are Dr. Evan Adams (Deputy Provincial Health Advisor, BC and Aboriginal actor), Senator Vivienne Poy (Senate of Canada), and Lisa Ray (Film and TV star, and stem cell recipient). Each one is well-known across the country and has specific influence with communities paramount to the establishment of a diverse cord blood bank, specifically Aboriginal, Asian and South Asian.

“We are thrilled and honoured to have such a diverse and knowledgeable team providing leadership to the Campaign For All Canadians,” says Margaret Miedema, Director, Major Gifts and Campaigns. “Their passion and expertise will certainly drive awareness and financial support for the Campaign, helping build the OneMatch Public Cord Blood Bank.”

In the early phase of the Campaign, we have already secured over $2.3 million in verbal and signed gifts from our close partners, with over $5 million in additional funding requests out. We are continuing to actively pursue top prospects at the Pacesetting ($1 M +) and Leadership ($100K-$1M) levels.

As in Katie Potter’s case, we have also turned to our Canadian Blood Services family for support. Our Family Division is reaching out our own employees, and has fully engaged the senior leadership of Canadian Blood Services. There has been unanimous support from the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team, with 100% participation in financial support. Currently we are engaging our Board alumni and the next level of management at Canadian Blood Services.

To celebrate this initial stage of the campaign, Canadian Blood Services hosted a charity golf tournament at the end of September. With attendance from Canadian Blood Services executives and local leaders, the event’s friendly competition provided an opportunity for all to learn more about cord blood transplantation and make contributions to the Campaign For All Canadians. The day brought in $66,000.

This is indeed an exciting time for OneMatch and Canadian Blood Services. The Campaign For All Canadians and the national OneMatch Public Cord Blood Bank are generating a tremendous amount of awareness for the need of more stem cells to be available for Canadian patients waiting for a match, as well as interest in providing financial support to the Campaign.

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