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Hear from past Volunteer Donor Ambassadors, Teachers and others about their high school recruitment experience!

Featured Testimonial


arrow The Young Blood For Life Program was a great way to be involved in something I believe in. It helped me practise my recruiting and motivational skills, as well as my organizational skills. Overall, it was an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Matt de Graaf
YDC, Collège Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Winnipeg, MB

start quote yblThe Young Blood For Life Program is a highly successful, tried and true way of increasing the participation of our young folks in giving the “Gift of Life". It encourages life long participation early.

Yale Chochinov
Principal, Grant Park High School, Winnipeg, MB

start quote ybl Being an active Young Development Champion with Canadian Blood Services has been a wonderful experience. It has opened up my eyes of the need to donate blood. I plan to continue to inform others of the importance of donating blood. I want to help others. There is no better way to do that than to help save their life!

Makyla Moen
YDC, Morden Collegiate, Morden, MB

start quote ybl Being a Youth Development Champion (YDC) is an educating and rewarding experience -- it gives me the opportunity to help others. I believe I can help others by educating them about the constant need for donors. I believe in what Canadian Blood Services is trying to accomplish and by being a YDC I can be involved with their goal. The Young Blood For Life Program gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and to help others … being a YDC is an amazing experience! It makes me feel like I'm changing the world. Donating blood is a way I can directly help my community.

Monica Mai
YDC, Morris High School, Morris, MB

Samar yblstart quote ybl
Of all the speaking that I have done on behalf of Canadian Blood Services, I found that speaking to high school students to be the most important. These young Canadians are our future and I believe that it is extremely important to get them educated about Canadian Blood Services and involved at such a young age in hopes of recruiting them as volunteers and blood donors for the years to come. I also think that recruiting them as ambassadors for their school is highly helpful as no one can encourage young adults to donate blood or volunteer, more than their peers. These are reliable and friendly students the student population can look up to and trust when deciding to take on such a life saving act.

Samar Chaker
Recipient, Speaker, Windsor, ON

start quote ybl Over the years all of my students who have been involved in the workshop have expressed what a fun and worthwhile day it is. They are nervous going at first because they don't know the other students but in the end are glad of the opportunity to have met students from different schools. They enjoy the food and the freebies and the workshop provides an opportunity to put an emotional side to the importance of stocking the blood bank.

What I like about sending the students is that they come back with a real commitment to doing the blood drive right. They have time lines when to start advertising through posters and announcements, when to start sign up and what requirements are needed for donors

By having the students attend, we need only act as advisors and contact people. It is a wonderful opportunity to put the blood drive in the hands of the students. Thanks for the opportunity each year to have the students participate in an event without expecting anything in return other than it is a worthwhile cause and knowing what a good deed they are doing.

Nancy Lamont, Teacher,
F. J. Brennan Catholic High School, Windsor, ON

start quote ybl I found the program a great way to be a leader in my school, to share an opportunity to help others and learn more about donating blood.

Ellen Wiens
YDC, Westgate Mennonite Collegiate, Winnipeg. MB

start quote ybl The Canadian Blood Services Young Blood For Life Program was an amazing learning opportunity that allowed me to see exactly how Canadian Blood Services works and gain a feeling of accomplishment in knowing I was helping fill the constantly growing need for blood.”

Jenna Kissock
YDC, Brandon Vincent Massey High School, Brandon, MB

start quote ybl The Young Blood For Life Program gave me extra responsibility that gave me every part of the puzzle to feel more like a mature adult. I feel more confident, outgoing, friendly and responsible.

Julia Carreiro
YDC, Institut Collegial Garden City Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB

start quote ybl It is with the help of our Youth Development Champions that we are able to recruit so many new donors and these young adults truly make our high school clinic a success.

Heather Mills
Manager, Clinic Services, Winnipeg, MB

Toni ybl start quote ybl
As I attended and spoke at last year’s student recruiter workshop, I have to say that I found the session to be very informative. Being able to interact with the student ‘leaders’ was an opportunity that as a Charge Nurse, I found to be very helpful. I was able to give them an overview of the entire donation process which they could then pass on to those students they were going to recruit both as donors and as helpers during the clinic at their respective high schools.

Accurate information is certainly important. They had many, many questions about eligibility that I was able to answer, as well as being able to dispel many myths and rumours that always tend to circulate within and among the high schools about our clinics.

I thought this was a valuable tool, and to see it roll out nationally can only help in recruiting donors both for our school clinics, as well as for our regular clinics. If they can have a good experience at a clinic where they are among friends, then hopefully they will continue to donate once they have graduated from school, and will be our donors of the future.

Toni Allevato,
Charge Nurse, Windsor, ON

Dustan ybl start quote ybl
"The Young Blood for Life program in the Prairies works extremely primarily due to the win-win design and execution of the program. Canadian Blood Services wins by have committed volunteers to support mobiles at the school, Life Bus to perms and focused recruitments programs like Assignment Saving Lives. Volunteer Youth Development Champion wins by association with a worthy cause - making a difference; also great resume builder and potential post secondary scholarships opportunities."

Dunstan MacDonald,
Regional Donor Services Manager, Prairies

Bruce ybl start quote ybl What better way to convince a student to donate than to be asked and reassured by a respected peer. As they recruit for us, we can concentrate on other initiatives that will drive collections into the event.

Bruce Wattinger
Regional Partnership Specialist, Prairie Region

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