Novel detection strategies for new platelet ligands and anti-platelet antibodies

Platelets, plasma, and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) are major blood products that Canadian Blood Services (CBS) invests heavily in. Platelets play key roles in hemostasis, and at the site of vascular injury can quickly adhere and aggregate, critical events to arrest bleeding. Following transfusion, the interactions between plasma proteins with platelet surface receptors GPIbα and αIIbβ3 integrin direct the activity of platelets. Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a bleeding disorder caused primarily by autoantibodies against platelet αIIbβ3 and/or GPIbα, and makes up one of the largest patient groups receiving IVIG. We reported that anti-GPIbα antibody-mediated ITP is often refractory to IVIG, however the current “gold standard” test for platelet-autoantibodies is complicated and unreliable. Recently we developed a novel antifouling molecular probe featuring active GPIbα or αIIbβ3 integrin immobilized on magnetic beads. Using these beads we will identify novel plasma proteins that interact with GPIbα and αIIbβ3 integrin. These beads will also be utilized to develop a rapid assay to distinguish the type of pathogenic antibodies present in ITP. This study will translate to the optimized storage and transfusion of platelet and plasma products and, provide a rapid screening test for pathogenic platelet antibodies leading the proper patient treatment and conservation of IVIG
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NI, Heyu
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NEVES, Miguel
St. Michael's Hospital
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
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