Informing the distribution of COVID-19 convalescent plasma through implementation of CONCOR-1 in British Columbia

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a grave threat worldwide, with currently no specific treatment options. The use of plasma containing the immune response from infected people, who have recovered, called convalescent plasma, is being investigated as a therapy in the CONCOR-1 Canada-wide clinical trial. The logistics of identifying the right donors, getting hospitals ready to implement giving plasma, and distributing plasma across the country equitably and effectively presents challenges for the health care system to quickly adapt in during a pandemic. Our project will follow the implementation of CONCOR-1 in British Columbia as a case study to learn how the health care system can continue to improve so this plasma can reach ill COVID-19 patients quickly and effectively. Our three specific aims to assess from vein-to-vein include: 1) process mapping the delivery of convalescent plasma within CONCOR-1 from identifying donors to preparing hospitals by stakeholder engagement, 2) refining computer modelling used to aid the distribution of plasma by using local experts and data, and 3) using this information to put together a discussion for the blood system and scientists to reflect and learn from; so the right plasma gets to the right patient in a timely, safe and equitable manner.
Principal Investigator / Supervisor
SHIH, Andrew
Co-Investigator(s) / Trainee
VASARHELYI, Krisztina MANUSHA, Stephania Anna STEINER, Ted MCMASTER, Robert DALY, Patricia LI, Na DOWN, Douglas HEDDLE, Nancy PETRASZKO, Tanya LIOW, Eric PAVLOVICH, Sasha RUTHERFORD, Alexander
University of British Columbia
Blood Efficiency Accelerator Program
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