A Framework for Accelerated Synthesis of Trial Evidence – FAST Evidence - to assess efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cells and convalescent plasma for COVID-19

With the urgency to find effective treatments for COVID-19, there has been the simultaneous launch of many small to modest sized studies of biologic therapies, including mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) and convalescent plasma. These biologic therapies work in different ways to reduce inflammation and neutralize the infection through immune mechanisms. Due to the complex nature of these treatments and resource limitations, most ongoing studies cannot enroll enough patients on their own to have the statistical power to determine effectiveness. By pooling the data together from similar studies, enough power can be obtained to assess whether the treatments are effective - this is called meta-analysis. Our systematic search and analysis of published studies will identify study results as early as possible. We have already identified ongoing trials that are active now. Rapid meta-analysis will allow us to determine the efficacy of specific therapies for COVID-19 earlier than any individual study alone. The results will be updated frequently and provide the basis for evidence-informed policy briefs that are tailored to the Canadian health care system to support rapid consideration for approval by Health Canada, implementation by Canadian Blood Services and other partners and funding decisions by provincial governments.
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ALLAN, David
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Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Blood Efficiency Accelerator Program
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