Reasons to join Canada’s Lifeline

Blood, plasma, platelets, stem cells, organs and tissues are a critical part of everyday medical care including major surgeries, medical procedures, cancer treatments and managing diseases.

There are many reasons to join Canada's Lifeline 

You could be helping a child being treated for cancer, a mother who has just given birth, or a father about to have heart surgery. Every donation you make matters. It matters to every patient and their loved ones across Canada.

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Reason 001

Every 60 seconds someone in Canada needs blood.

Blood Stem Cells
Reason 002

Donated Blood lasts no longer than 42 days.

Reason 003

Blood donors are needed every single day.

Reason 004

Complications during delivery can require a blood transfusion for you or your baby.

Reason 005

Cord blood can save lives.

Cord Blood
Reason 006

A tissue donor can improve the lives of 75 people in Canada.

Organs & Tissues
Reason 007

To give back to your community

Reason 008

4,400 people in Canada are currently waiting for a transplant.

Organs & Tissues
Reason 009

Your miracle can also be someone else's.

Cord Blood
Reason 010

Our stem cell registery should be as diverse as our country.

Stem Cells
Reason 011

It’s easier to match transplant patients with cord blood because an exact match is not needed.

Cord Blood
Reason 012

Canada relies entirely on the generosity of donors to keep the lifeline going.

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