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George Cann


George Cann

“It was love at first sight,” George Cann says, recalling the day his wife, Carol, walked into his office at the Halifax Regional Municipality in 1993. “People say that doesn’t happen, but it did for me. It did for us.” They married in December of 1995 and stayed happily so until March 7, 2011, when Carol passed away from cancer.

Carol Cann worked with Canadian Blood Services since the early 1990s and was Supervisor of Volunteer Resources in the Atlantic Region. George said she loved her job and was good at what she did — so good that she convinced George to volunteer, too. He’s been doing so at the Halifax clinic in her honour — at first driving the Life Bus and now working in-clinic in hospitality. He also donates plasma faithfully every week.

He recalls it was expected of him to help his neighbours and community as a child. He used to shovel the driveways and mow the lawns of his neighbours, and still does yard work for the people around him. “We were expected to do good in the community,” says George. “That’s the way we were brought up, so it’s just second nature.”

George is leaving Halifax and moving to Carleton, in the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia. He has a cabin there that he and Carol were winterizing for their retirement. Although he won’t be able to volunteer in the Halifax clinic every week, George is still going to be a vital part of the mobile clinic in nearby Yarmouth every other month. In the meantime, he’s busy with plans for the second annual Carol Cann Memorial Golf Tournament, with the proceeds going to both the Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Blood Services.