In-person work

All 18 Canadian Blood Services office sites are open and will begin the process to welcome more employees back for in-person work.  

This page provides guidance about what to expect when coming to work on-site.

An important reminder that employees should take care of their wellbeing and stay home if they are not feeling well. As we head into the winter months,  we encourage employees to consider getting a flu vaccine or a COVID-19 booster to help protect their health and the health of those around them.

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With public health indicating that surging respiratory illness have strained the health care system, why are we asking leaders to return to in-person work at a minimum of 40% by January?

As you’ve seen in the news and heard from public health representatives, the impact of this years’ influenza season is changing daily. We need to remain adaptable to ensure that above all else, we are safeguarding the patients we serve, donors and employees.

At Canadian Blood Services, we are seeing the impact of cold and flu season in our bookings and the health of our employees and their families. We are asking leaders to lead with head and heart and use a common-sense approach when choosing to conduct in-person work in an office or in a community space.

Above all else, if you or your family is sick – stay home. Your in-person presence is not being monitored and you will not be penalized for doing so.

If you are feeling well and choose to come onsite, please ensure that you are practicing good hand-hygiene, consider staying up to date with vaccines, including COVID-19 boosters and flu shots and consider wearing a mask indoors if you are in close contact with others. N95’s and rapid screening are also available for all employees coming onsite.

Our vision for the future of hybrid work is meant to nourish and sustain our strong organizational culture of engagement and inspire collaboration with colleagues for intentional purposes. We recognize that we will need to remain nibble and adaptable with this aspiration. We will continue to monitor the situation and align our practices with guidance from public health.

If you have questions or concerns about your personal situation, reach out to your leader or email

Can I book my old workspace?

Yes, if your usual desk or office appears as available, you can book it for multiple days, for up to five weeks. If you are a returning employee and have indicated that you will be in the office four or more days a week, you may have the option of securing your old desk and may not have to use the booking system. 

What if I booked space, but now I no longer need it?

If you booked a space and decide you no longer need it, please log back into Condeco and cancel the reservation as soon as possible. This will ensure the space appears as available to other colleagues who may be looking for space. 

When booking for someone else, is there a limit on the number of people?

There is no limit! You can book as many people as you want, if the spot appears available. 

My team needs a private area due to sensitivities in our roles. Can we have a designated area?

Yes, the facilities team is working with supervisors/managers to determine which teams will need a designated area for privacy and security purposes.   

What if I work in the office full time? Do I need to book a space and check in?

If you have identified as someone who will work in the office four or more days a week, you may have secured an assigned desk and are automatically booked. You still must check-in through the Condeco booking app when you arrive for facilities planning purposes. All other users are requested to book space and check in when they arrive.   

Will I be able to have a workstation on-site and at home?

At this time, employees will be accommodated with one workstation. Facilities will continue to assess the need as we welcome more employees back onsite. 

I’m nervous about going back to the office. How can we be assured we are safe and limiting the spread of COVID-19?

Before welcoming anyone back, we did complete assessment of our sites to ensure it is appropriate to welcome more people. This included examining and improving air quality systems and determining if the space can handle an increase in people. 

Masks, including N95’s, continue to be available to all employees, volunteers and donors. The COVID-19 rapid screening program is also available to employees who want to access routine rapid testing kits. Please visit for more information.  

Employees who have concerns related to workplace safety matters should discuss them with their supervisors or PCP business partner. The OHS & EHS teams ( are available to respond to any safety concerns.  

Will we stop allowing more people back to the office if COVID case counts rise?

We have been committed to monitoring and assessing our COVID-19 measures and we have been responsive to changing epidemiological conditions and scientific knowledge. We will continue to closely monitor the evolving landscape and will remain agile so that we can reintroduce measures if necessary. 

If there are no physical distancing restrictions in the office, why do we still need to book space through the Condeco app? 

Condeco was developed to manage space and demand. With that system now established, we are seeing the benefits of managing and understanding space usage.  

Although physical distancing requirements are no longer necessary, our sites will continue to manage space booking through the Condeco app to be agile in responding to changes in the pandemic landscape. We will continue to closely monitor epidemiology and scientific knowledge in the event that we need to reintroduce physical distancing or other measures.   

Are masks available if I want to wear one?

Yes. Masks – including N95s – are available to all employees, volunteers and donors, and you are encouraged to follow public health advice regarding mask wearing.

Can I wear my own mask?

Masks – including N95s – are available, however if you choose to wear a mask you are free to wear your own.

I’m not comfortable around people who are not wearing masks.

We look to our teams to act with both your head and your heart. Please be respectful and considerate of others. It is entirely up to each individual to decide if they want to wear a mask. You may prefer to ask for an N95, if you are concerned about being in close contact with others. 

Employees who have concerns related to workplace safety matters should discuss them with their supervisors or PCP business partner. The OHS & EHS teams ( are available to respond to any safety concerns.  

Any concerns related to accommodation needs related to medical considerations can be discussed with EHS Coordinators.