COVID-19 Case management dashboard

The COVID-19 case management dashboard provides the latest information available regarding potential COVID-19 exposures at Canadian Blood Services collections events.

This dashboard will be updated regularly and each listed event will remain posted for 14 days. 

What should I do if I attended one of these collection events?

No action on your part is required, unless otherwise directed. While this list is an important vehicle to provide information to donors across the country, you may be contacted by public health authorities should you meet criteria for COVID-19 exposure. If you have questions regarding public health recommendations in your province, or are concerned that you have developed symptoms consistent with COVD-19 symptoms, please contact local public health authorities or your primary care provider.

What happens when we learn of a positive case of COVID-19 at our sites?

Canadian Blood Services has a number of wellness measures in place at all donor events, including wellness checkpoints, mandatory masks, enhanced environmental cleaning and strict physical distancing. These measures are in place to help limit the risk of infection to our donors, volunteers and employees in donor environments. We work closely with public health authorities when feasible to assess the level of risk of exposure.  

Canadian Blood Services has an integrated process to manage positive cases of COVID-19 to ensure that those who may be exposed are informed quickly and that additional precautions, if required, can be taken at the site. All positive cases are listed on the case management dashboard on  We will notify donors directly of COVID-19 positive case associated with a donor collection event if there is a known breach in COVID-19 safety protocols at the event or when the local public health authority requests that donor notification occurs.

We would like to thank our donors for helping ensure that patients who depend on our products and services continue to receive them, even during this pandemic.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 1 888 2 DONATE.