Donor Care Associate (Phlebotomist)

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We’re seeking 4 Donor Care Associates to join our Kelowna Mobile team.

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Under the direction of the Clinic Services Supervisor or designate assists in the safe and efficient collection of blood and performs other related duties.  The Donor Care Associate greets and registers donors, performs donor screening, performs venepuncture, collects blood units, and completes Data Entry/Verification and Shipping of units and specimens in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Responsibilities include:

Performs assigned duties on permanent and mobile clinics, Blood Mobile, in a safe and efficient manner, while maintaining a service-oriented environment for donors, volunteers and the public.

  • Greets and provides donors with questionnaire and information material related to the donation process.
  • Registers donors by obtaining information as outlined in the established operating procedures (using a manual or computerized system). Obtains appropriate identification. Documents appropriately on the Record of Donation.
  • Checks and records the donor’s hemoglobin using regulated method.
  • Prepares the most suitable arm for venepuncture, initiates and discontinues the blood collection process, and obtains specimens in accordance with regulatory requirements. Processes special blood request according to instructions received from the Screening Staff; maintains records as required.
  • Converses with the donor during the donation and simultaneously observes for signs of reaction to phlebotomy. Alerts the Nurse Consultant or Clinic Supervisor (Registered Nurse) to any change in the blood flow and/or donor appearance, and takes appropriate action.
  • Ensures collection packs, specimens and accompanying documents are accurately labelled in accordance with the established Operating Procedures.
  • Seals collection pack tubing, mixes and bundles unit at bedside and takes collected unit to end processing area.
  • Provides feedback to the Supervisor/designate regarding clinic concerns.
  • Prepares and organizes necessary blood product packaging materials such as boxes, liners, dividers and temperature recorders: packs and documents blood collection in preparation for transfer to Centre Laboratory.
  • Records required information at each phase of collection process according to regulatory requirements.

Performs confidential donor screening, including taking vital signs, donor consent and donor self-exclusion according to established standards and criteria.

  • Reviews donor responses on the Record of Donation to determine eligibility status  and completes documentation to support acceptance or deferral.
  • Consults the Donor Selection Criteria Manual to clarify donor eligibility status as required.
  • Takes vital signs using Carescape Machine- by placing electronic blood pressure cuff on donor arm and recording blood pressure range on Record of Donation and by placing electronic thermometer under donor tongue. 
  • Labels Collection pack and Specimens as per Operating procedures. 


Provides quality customer services that results in customer satisfaction.

  • Monitors donors for signs of discomfort, inquiring to determine if donors are in distress.
  • Identifies customer service issues and brings them forward to the Clinic Supervisor.
  • Listens attentively to donor concerns, answering inquiries with factual and prompt information, referring questions to the Clinic Supervisor where necessary.
  • Carries out activities in a professional manner with both internal and external customers to develop confidence by donors and public in the blood collection process.

Ensures all procedures are carried out according to Collections Operating Procedures and in compliance with GMP requirements.

  • References operating procedures as required.
  • Reads and signs all operating procedures on an annual basis.
  • Is competency skills tested prior to performing procedures and annually thereafter.
  • Remains current in all operating procedures and memos pertaining to the duty being performed by reading documents periodically as directed.
  • Monitors the workplace to identify any issues that prevent a healthy and safe working environment, and brings the issues to the Supervisor’s attention.

Ensures equipment is quality controlled and documented as such.

  • Performs quality control check on equipment used to perform daily duties.
  • Documents quality control performed.
  • Documents and reports any problems immediately to the supervisor.
  • Reports immediately to Supervisor if any supplies or equipment are missing, running low or malfunctioning.

Assists with the set up, arranging and take down of equipment and supplies needed at each donation station.

  • Assists Logistics staff in unpacking, set up and arranges equipment and supplies to support the clinic operation.
  • At clinic end, cleans and packs equipment and supplies in the appropriate PODS, and assists Logistics staff in packing equipment to be placed on the truck.
  • On Mobile clinics, return clinic-site property as directed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
Required skills:

Education, Training, and Experience:

Grade 12, successful completion of a recognized Lab Assistant training program plus one year’s recent, related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to deal with others effectively.
  • Physical ability to perform the duties of the position.
  • Ability to organize work.
  • Ability to operate related equipment.

Employment Status:  Casual


Classification:  Grid SD18 - SD 21 - $24.81 - $26.06


Additional Information:   Candidates must be able to start paid mandatory Orientation and Training in Vancouver on February 16, 2021.

Hours of work are based on a 52 week rotation Monday through Saturday with the various start and stop times as follows: 0845-1600, 0845-1645, 0900-1700, 0945-1745, 0945-1830, 1015-1900, 1045-1800, 1045-1845, 1045-2000, 1100-1900, 1130-2000 & 1145-1945. 

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*Please note that only candidates being considered for an interview will be contacted. Applicants invited to participate in an assessment process (such as an interview or testing) and who require accommodation, should discuss their needs with us.

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