The Canadian Blood Services Board of Directors has been set up to ensure representatives reflect the interests of those who are part of the blood supply system—donors, volunteers, consumers, health professionals, etc.

There are up to six Board Directors providing medical, scientific, technical, business and public health expertise. In addition to these formal structures, Canadian Blood Services actively encourages the interest of stakeholders such as doctors, nurses, public health officials, hospital representatives, scientists and others with relevant expertise, as well as the public at large.

The Canadian Blood Services Board of Directors invites presentations by any individual or group at any of its Board meetings. Please submit presentation requests to and a member of our staff will contact you immediately.


To ensure that the public interest is served, Canadian Blood Services has created a National Liaison Committee, a Scientific Advisory Committee and a Research and Development Advisory Committee. Other committees may be established as required.

These committees are made up of people outside Canadian Blood Services. Their purpose is to provide advice and recommendations to Canadian Blood Services in their areas of expertise.

Canadian Blood Services actively encourages input from all of its stakeholders. We want your input!