Board of Directors Term, Composition and Compensation Information

Composition of Board

Canadian Blood Services is governed by a Board of thirteen Directors:

  • one director elected to serve as Chair
  • four regional representatives
    • Atlantic provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI, NS and NB;
    • Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Territories and Nunavut;
    • Ontario; and,
    • BC and Yukon.
  • two consumer group/general public representatives
  • six medical, scientific, technical, business and public health representatives

Directorship Term

Directors are appointed for 4 years. Terms are staggered such that one half of the directors' terms expire in one year, and the other half's terms expire in the following year.


The following honoraria were established in 1998 by the ministers of health of the provinces and territories, being the corporate members of Canadian Blood Services, in advance of the corporation taking ownership and control of the blood system. They have remained unchanged since their establishment in 1998.

Annual retainer for
the chair:
$15,000 per annum
Meeting honorarium $750 per diem
Meeting preparation honorarium
  • One preparation day for all directors per each day of meeting
  • Up to two additional preparation days for chair and vice chair per meeting
  • Up to one additional preparation day for committee chairs per meeting
Travel to meetings up to 2 days (depending on origin and destination) per meeting @ $500 per day
Days on business honorarium $750 per diem (for events such as meetings on behalf of CBS, etc.)
Travel Travel costs according to CBS expense policy