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Board Members

From the very beginning, two of the people who sit on our Board of Directors were appointed to represent the views of consumers. They play a crucial role in ensuring the members of the Board take into account the views and sensitivities of consumers when they are considering issues and making decisions.

Web site

We created this Web site so Canadians would have a place to go, at their leisure, to learn about how we work. But that is not all, the site offers you a chance to ask us questions, offer opinions and review our reports. We post all the minutes from our Board meetings, copies of our external safety audits and responses, and all our news releases, newsletters and fact sheets. We also encourage Canadians to send us e-mails by clicking on the “Feedback” button. We receive thousands of e-mails every year – and we answer every one.

Toll-Free Phone Line

A 24-hour toll-free phone line provides Canadians with information about the blood system whenever they need it. Call 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236-6283), to ask any questions or to book an appointment date.

Open Board Meetings

We introduced open Board meetings -- a concept that was unheard of prior to 1998. We hold these meetings in different cities across the country, encouraging Canadians to attend and watch the Board of Directors as they conduct a typical meeting. We advertise the open meetings to encourage individuals or groups to address the Board on topics of their choice. In addition, requests can be made to address the Board at any of its regular Board meetings.


Public Consultations

We have conducted several surveys and focus groups in different areas across the country, permitting us to learn about and consider the views of Canadians on specific topics.

Donor Advisory Panel

A donor advisory panel was established in May 2001 to provide input on improving services to the public. More than 8,000 blood donors are consulted on an on-going basis on such issues as marketing, communications, customer service and policy initiatives.

Consensus Conferences

We have held several Consensus Conferences on topics such as “Optimizing the Utilization of Intravenous Immune Globulin” and “Optimizing the Donor Selection Process”. At these events we invite the general public as well as international experts in blood issues to make presentations and hear each other’s views. After each conference, a panel prepares an independent report based on the consensus of the meeting.

Provincial/Territorial Blood Reference Groups

Canadian Blood Services worked with the provinces and territories to develop a reference group for each jurisdiction that will advise the provincial and territorial ministries of health. There are eight groups representing twelve jurisdictions and they provide Canadian Blood Services with a venue to interact with the leaders in the provincial health systems involved in transfusion services. These groups include representation from key stakeholders.

Special Advisory Committees

In addition to participating on international advisory committees, the Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Blood Services has established three independent advisory committees: consumer, scientific, and research and development. Other advisory committees are established as specific issues arise.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Information Policy

We have introduced a Freedom of Information Policy and a Protection of Personal Information Policy that ensures Canadians have access to the information we consider when making decisions about the blood system, while at the same time protecting the personal information that we collect in the course of business. Click here for a summary of these policies.

National Liaison Committee

In response to the PPTF, the Canadian Blood Services Board of Directors has established a number of committees. One of these committees is a national liaison committee made up of members of the public, stakeholders and the medical community at the national level. The purpose is to provide input on blood system issues, ensure special interests are brought to the attention of Canadian Blood Services, and to build effective relationships. The summary notes from these meetings are posted on the Web site.

Regional Liaison Committees

Canadian Blood Services has also established seven regional liaison committees in local areas across the country made up of members of the public, stakeholders and the medical community. The purpose is to provide input on blood system issues, ensure special interests are brought to the attention of Canadian Blood Services, and to build effective relationships. The summary notes from these meetings are posted on the Web site. Representatives from each Regional Liaison Committee participate on the National Liaison Committee.

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